Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crumping with Crompton

Last weekend kiswa attended one of designedobjectstasmania's Professional Development Workshop Seminars on Entrepreneurship and Branding hosted by Abi Crompton of Third Draw Down. We were given a history of Abi's success and a rundown of some of her favorite objects' which she is currently selling, including what she sees as their prominent design features. She was kind enough to give us some advice on how to market, what we are now calling, our multipurpose pencil case (as everyone loves them but responds "its a pity, I don't use pencils any more" or "their too nice for pencils"). We'll keep you posted on the developments. We would like to thank DOT for organising the workshop and Abi for her expertise and advice.

Liisa with Abi Crompton

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